About Fmt Group Generators

The FMT Group generator was created to fulfill the needs of generator markets.

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    More then 300 Models
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    %100 Satisfied Control Panel
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    Our Generators Generated until 2013
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    R&D departments researching for better products

Eco segment body design

Our mechanical engineers improved the compact design of these generators and as such now due to the thin modular design the eco generators carry inside all the main parts starting from the engine, alternator, cooling system, electric system, exhaust system and fuel system. This generator is easy to transport and to install to respond to all you emergencies. It is safe and fulfills your need for uninterrupted energy. This compact design has visual and environmental features that make it easy to adapt everywhere.  his generator was designed keeping in mind the environment and the ecological system. The cabin of the eco segment generators is soundproof and weatherproof.

  • We are trying to produce the most easy use product in the market.- Product Manager
  • Our quality comes from our warranty. Our warranty and spare parts departments has qualified stuffs and futuristic technologies- After Sale Manager
  • For Fmt Group Energy Power, all our customers, one by one is giving us the name of power. Our energy comes from our customers...- General Manager