Fly Diesel Engine Moto-Generator


What Ocean Series Diesel Generators?

The FMT Group Ocean segment generator was created to fulfill the needs of middle range business needed. Ocean segment generators are available in three phase specification. Our engineers and the projection department created this product to fulfill the special needs of all the clients.


Ocean Series Diesel Generators Body Design

he Ocean segment generators have FMT power Perkins Engine and Mecc Alte alternators. Our experienced team of engineers created this product with industrial energy power and brought it to you in the prestige concept (the prestige segment has industrial engine that works with 1500 rpm). This product was designed with a special cabin that is soundproof and that has finally solved you problem of space.



For over 80 years we have worked with generator set manufacturers to bring light, warmth, protection and of course peace of mind to thousands of people. Perhaps you need an engine ot operate in a harsh environment or under strenuous conditions. Maybe it will only ever be used in an emergency. But whether running every day or once a year, you can count on our world-class people to create the innovative, efficient and reliable solutions whatever your application. Perkins Diesel Generator engine create difference and comfort for your generator set solution. Fmt Group choose best engine alternator for the best genset solution.





The Perkins engine family continues to set new standards in the compact engine market. Developed alongside customers to fulfill their needs in the generator set, compressor, agricultural and general industrial markets.



The Mecc Alte range of synchronous a.c. generators includes 2-pole, 4-pole, and 6-pole generators at low voltage and 4-pole generators at low, medium and high voltages.



Exhaust System of Prestige Diesel Generator

In our generators all the exhaust system and the gases coming form it are placed inside the cabin (the body of the generator). This special design makes it possible for the gases to come out easily and without noise. FMT Group made this special design to protect you and everyone that maintains the generator from getting hurt.


Fly Series Diesel Generators F500 Control Panel


Back-lit icon LCD display, Front panel editing, LED and LCD alarm indication, Power Save mode, CAN and Magnetic Pick-up/Alt. versions available (specify on ordering), PC and front panel configuration, 4 Digital inputs, 3 Analogue inputs, 6 Outputs (4 configurable on Magnetic Pick-up/Alt., 6 configurable on CAN version), Configurable timers and alarms, Alternative configuration, Event Log (5), Remote Start input, 3 Phase generator monitoring, Current Monitoring and protection, 3 Phase Mains (Utility) monitoring, Test button, Battery Voltage monitoring, Engine pre-heat, Hours counter, Comprehensive shutdown or warning on fault condition


Automatically transfers between mains (utility) and generator power, Hours counter provides accurate information for monitoring and maintenance periods, User-friendly set-up and button layout, Multiple engine parameters are monitored simultaneously, Module can be configured to suit individual applications, Compatible with a wide range of CAN engines, Uses DSE Configuration Suite PC software for simplified configuration, IP65 rating (with optional gasket) offers increased resistance to water ingress, Licence-free PC software


Data Sheets

FPE10MC – 10 kva

FPE15MC – 15 kva

FPE22MC – 22 kva

FPE33MC – 33 kva

FPE48MC – 48 kva

FPE51MC – 51 kva

FPE67MC – 67 kva

FPE72MC – 72 kva

FPE88MC – 88 kva

FPE114MC – 114 kva

FPE150MC – 150 kva

FPE165MC – 165 kva

FPE200MC – 200 kva

FPE220MC – 220 kva

FPE255MC – 255 kva

FPE275MC – 275 kva

FPE330MC – 330 kva

FPE385MC – 385 kva

FPE410MC – 410 kva

FPE440MC – 440 kva

FPE500MC – 500 kva

FPE550MC – 550 kva

FPE600MC – 600 kva

FPE670MC – 670 kva

FPE735MC – 735 kva

FPE810MC – 810 kva

FPE880MC – 880 kva