Best Power Diesel Engine Generator

What Best Power Series Diesel Generators?

The FMT Group Best power segment generator was created to fulfill the needs of middle range business needed. Best Power segment generators are available in three phase specification. Our engineers and the projection department created this product to fulfill the special needs of all the clients. The Volvo Penta is one step front from technology. So the best solution is to complete this futuristic diesel engine designs with powerful partner;  Marelli Alternators.


Best Power Series Diesel Generators Body Design

The Best Power segment generators have FMT power Volvo Penta Engine and Marelli alternators. Our experienced team of engineers created this product with industrial energy power and brought it to you in the prestige concept (the prestige segment has industrial engine that works with 1500 rpm). This product was designed with a special cabin that is soundproof and that has finally solved you problem of space.



All Volvo Penta Aquamatic diesel engines comply with the most stringent environmental demands: the US EPA Tier 3. The particulate emissions are 40% lower and the NOx and hydrocarbon 20% lower compared with previous levels.



volvopenta_engine volvo_penta_engine volvopenta_stamford_alternator volvopenta




High quality with built-in reliability keeps the power production running. Volvo Penta engines are designed for the most demanding commercial operations thinkable: powering heavy-duty trucks, all types of vessels at sea and of course gen sets. When you add long service intervals, quick service and low oil volume – you have a winning equation.



The Marelli range of synchronous a.c. generators includes 2-pole, 4-pole, and 6-pole generators at low voltage and 4-pole generators at low, medium and high voltages.



Exhaust System of Prestige Diesel Generator

In our generators all the exhaust system and the gases coming form it are placed inside the cabin (the body of the generator). This special design makes it possible for the gases to come out easily and without noise. FMT Group made this special design to protect you and everyone that maintains the generator from getting hurt.


Best Power Series Diesel Generators AMF Control Panel

FMT 509 Control Panel
The controller is a comprehensive AMF unit for
single genset standby or dual genset mutual standby operations.
The unit is available with MPU or CANBUS versions. The CANBUS version connects to ECU controlled electronic engines providing engine control, protection and instrumentation without extra senders. The ECU alarms are displayed in text. The unit has an optional internal GSM modem module and is able to initiate modem calls and send SMS messages in fault conditions through either internal or external modems. The unit provides a comprehensive set of digitally adjustable timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations, operating sequences and engine types. All programs may be modified via front panel pushbuttons, and do not require an external unit.
Last 100 faults are stored in the event log file. The event log includes not only the date-time information, but also a comprehensive list of measured genset parameters at the time that the fault has occurred. The WINDOWS based RAINBOW program allows remote monitoring and control. The unit supports MODBUS protocol enabling communication with PLCs and building management systems. The MODBUS protocol is also supported through GSM and PSTN modems. The unit offers multiple language support.



fmt_control_panel_generator_power fmt_control_panel_diesel_generator


Data Sheets

FV91SM – 95kva

FV116M – 116kva

FV145M – 145kva

FV170M – 170kva

FV205M – 205kva

FV226M – 226kva

FV275M – 275kva

FV330M – 330kva

FV350M – 350kva

FV385M – 385kva

FV415M – 415kva

FV450M – 450kva

FV500M – 500kva

FV560M – 560kva

FV625M – 625kva

FV660M – 660kva

FV700M – 700kva