Prestige Diesel Engine Generators


What Prestige Series Diesel Generators?

The FMT Group prestige segment generator was created to fulfill the needs of middle range business needed. Prestige segment generators are available in three phase specification. Our engineers and the projection department created this product to fulfill the special needs of all the clients.


Prestige Series Diesel Generators Body Design

he prestige segment generators have FMT power PL engine and FMT Blue Star alternators. Our experienced team of engineers created this product with industrial energy power and brought it to you in the prestige concept (the prestige segment has industrial engine that works with 1500 rpm). This product was designed with a special cabin that is soundproof and that has finally solved you problem of space.



FMT-group possesses a wide range of moto-generators which operate with a high performance bearing principle, conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. Moto-generator is a device which ensures a continuous power at any time and moment. It is Composed of two very important parts such as engine and Alternator. Which in cooperation with each other give a contribution to the progress of work generator. .



diesel_engine_moto_generator diesel_engine_motor_prestige moto_generator_diesel_engine diesel_engine_generator_prestige




The diesel engine is the most important part of the genset. Is the prime mover that drives the generator (alternator ) to produce electricity. All diesel engines are similar to each other in the concept but they different in many  spects such as the number of cylinders, if the cylinders are online or Vtype, how the fuel is delivered to the cylinders,governing system, cooling system, air charging system, air intake system. All these details affect the  ecision of which engine to use and which performance is expected. Engines are rated in KW or HP. Their performance is measured in their fuel consumption in filters or gallons per KWh produced, its thermal effciency, noise level, lube oil consumption and exhaust gas emissions.



The alternator is the second major part of the genset. Nowadays most of the alternators are brushless type with roating excitation system. The alternator is selected during the configuration procces . It should be matched  echanically to the diesel engine. Electrically the alternator should be selected to the provide the required KW at the specified voltage, frequency, ambient temperature, altitude and it should be capable to withstand and the loads without exceeding the maximum allowable voltage dips the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is supplied as part of the alternator to ensure the compatibility. The brushless alternators use rotating exiciter generator to generate the exciatation (magnetized ) . The AVR controls the amount of excitation given to the rotor based on sensing the generator outpout voltage. Alternator speed should match the diesel engine speed. The lower the speed the higher the number of rotor poles. This is tomaintain fixed 50 Hz or 60 Hz regardless of the rotation speed.



generator_alternator_prestige moto_generator_alternator



Exhaust System of Prestige Diesel Generator

In our generators all the exhaust system and the gases coming form it are placed inside the cabin (the body of the generator). This special design makes it possible for the gases to come out easily and without noise. FMT Group made this special design to protect you and everyone that maintains the generator from getting hurt.


Prestige Series Diesel Generators AMF Control Panel

FMT 509 Control Panel
The controller is a comprehensive AMF unit for
single genset standby or dual genset mutual standby operations.
The unit is available with MPU or CANBUS versions. The CANBUS version connects to ECU controlled electronic engines providing engine control, protection and instrumentation without extra senders. The ECU alarms are displayed in text. The unit has an optional internal GSM modem module and is able to initiate modem calls and send SMS messages in fault conditions through either internal or external modems. The unit provides a comprehensive set of digitally adjustable timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations, operating sequences and engine types. All programs may be modified via front panel pushbuttons, and do not require an external unit.
Last 100 faults are stored in the event log file. The event log includes not only the date-time information, but also a comprehensive list of measured genset parameters at the time that the fault has occurred. The WINDOWS based RAINBOW program allows remote monitoring and control. The unit supports MODBUS protocol enabling communication with PLCs and building management systems. The MODBUS protocol is also supported through GSM and PSTN modems. The unit offers multiple language support.



fmt_control_panel_generator_power fmt_control_panel_generator fmt_control_panel_diesel_generator fmt_control_panel


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